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How Thick Is the Tesla Bumper Beam?

The bumper beam is a crucial component ensuring car safety, effectively mitigating impact forces and absorbing energy during collisions. Traditional bumper beams are typically constructed from high-strength steel, offering robust strength and cost efficiency but adding significant weight to the vehicle. As the demand for lightweight vehicles rises, high-strength steel falls short, prompting the adoption of composite materials renowned for their lightweight properties and high strength.

1. Are Tesla bumpers metal? Iron or Aluminum?

Similar to most modern vehicles, Tesla cars feature bumpers with a plastic cover designed for cosmetic appeal and aerodynamic performance. Beneath this cover and the underlying energy-absorbing material lies a sturdy metal beam that serves as the backbone of the bumper, providing strength and crash resistance.

Tesla Model Y Front Energy Absorber Parts Catalog
PartsItemsOE NumberMaterialLink
Parts 1MDY ASY FR Bumper Beam1487601-00-EAluminumCheck
Parts 2MDY FR Bumper Beam Foam1487605-00-AFoam
Parts 3MDY ASY Ankle Catcher1505433-00-AAluminumCheck
Parts 4MDY ASY Crush Can LH1487461-00-DAluminumCheck
Parts 5MDY ASY Crush Can RH1487462-00-DAluminumCheck
Parts 6MDY Screw Bolt1111151-00-AIron
Parts 7MDY Screw Bolt1120775-00-AIron
Parts 8MDY Front Bumper Bracket1109193-00-CAluminumCheck
Parts 9MDY Screw Bolt1135014-00-AIron

In the parts catalog for the Tesla Model Y front energy absorber, only part 2, labeled MDY FR bumper beam, is made of foam, while the other components are constructed from metal. This indicates that the Tesla front bumper beam is indeed made of aluminum.

2. AL6082-T4 Extrusions VS AL6063-T4 Extrusions

Aluminum alloys 6063-T4 and 6082-T4 are both part of the 6000 series, which is known for its good formability, weldability, and machinability, as well as moderate to high strength. The “T4” designation refers to the temper of the alloys, indicating that they have been solution heat-treated and naturally aged to a substantially stable condition. Despite these similarities, there are notable differences between the two alloys in terms of their chemical composition, mechanical properties, and preferred applications.

Chemical Composition:

  • 6063 Alloy: Primarily consists of aluminum, magnesium, and silicon. It is designed for extrusions with excellent surface finish qualities and is often used for architectural applications.
  • 6082 Alloy: Also contains aluminum, magnesium, and silicon, but in different proportions compared to 6063. It includes a small amount of manganese, which contributes to the control of the grain structure and enhances strength.

Mechanical Properties:

  • 6063-T4: Known for its good surface finish and anodizing qualities, 6063-T4 offers good strength but is not as strong as 6082. It is highly suitable for applications requiring aesthetic appeal, like window frames and doors.
  • 6082-T4: Has higher strength than 6063, making it suitable for structural applications. It is often used in highly stressed applications, such as trusses, bridges, and cranes.

Preferred Applications:

  • 6063 Alloy: Widely used in architectural applications, such as in building profiles, structures, irrigation pipes, and for the extrusion of window frames, door frames, and sign frames.
  • 6082 Alloy: Preferred for applications requiring higher strength and durability. It is used in transport applications, bridges, highly stressed applications, and also in the manufacture of products like beer barrels and milk churns due to its higher strength.

While both 6063-T4 and 6082-T4 are versatile and widely used aluminum alloys with similar base elements, the choice between them depends on the specific requirements of the application, including the need for strength, aesthetic considerations, and the intended use environment. 6082-T4 is chosen for applications where higher strength and toughness are needed, whereas 6063-T4 is preferred for its excellent finish and formability, particularly in architectural applications.

StrengthModerate strength alloyHigh strength alloy
FormabilityExcellent formability for extrusionModerate formability for extrusion
Corrosion ResistanceGood corrosion resistanceExcellent corrosion resistance
Typical UsesArchitectural applications, window framesStructural applications, high-stress areas

3. Tesla Bumper Beam Aftermarket Accessories Made with 6063T4.

Tesla’s original front and rear bumper frames are made of AL6082-T4 aluminum alloy. However, aftermarket manufacturers typically use AL6063-T4 due to its lower cost and processing expenses. While AL6082-T4 is more expensive, it’s important to note that AL6063-T4 still offers excellent crash performance. Brands like BMW, Mercedes-Benz, and Audi use AL6082-T4 in their original bumper frames due to strict crash test standards, but AL6063-T4 also demonstrates impressive crash resistance. It’s crucial to be transparent with consumers about the materials used and their performance.

Tesla Model 3 Front Energy Absorber Parts Catalog
PartsItemsOE NumberMaterialLink
Parts 1MD3 ASY, FR Bumper Beam – Extrusion 2016-2021110466799JAluminumCheck
Parts 1MD3 ASY, FR Bumper Beam – Extrusion 2021+1104667-00-KAluminumCheck
Parts 2MD3 FR Bumper Beam Foam1104669-00-FFoam
Parts 2MD3 FR Bumper Beam Foam 20211104669-CN-GFoam
Parts 3MD3 ASY Ankle Catcher1084894-00-BAluminumCheck
Parts 4MD3 ASY Crush Can LH1088148-00-GAluminumCheck
Parts 5MD3 ASY Crush Can RH1088149-00-GAluminumCheck
Parts 6BOLT,HF,M10X130,STL[109],ZNFL,MAT1446114-00-BIron
Parts 7BOLT,HF,M10-1.5X157,[149],G0110,PC1552976-00-AIron
Parts 8MD3/Y Front Bumper Bracket1109193-00-CAluminumCheck
Parts 9BOLT, HF, M10X1.5X75.75, STL[109], ZN1135014-00-AIron
BRUSH CLIP, 6.5X33, PA66,B1526009-00-A

4. The Thickness About Bumper Beam.

Although we use a different material, AL6063-T4, compared to Tesla’s original AL6082-T4, our material shares the same thickness as the original, both exceeding 4mm. Similar to Tesla’s Model 3 and Model Y hoods, many suppliers in the market cut corners by reducing material quality and thickness. To learn more about the secrets of Tesla hoods, check out our article.

When comparing the thickness of the front and rear bumper beams for Tesla that you procure, you’ll find that many cheaper options on the market are thinner than the original factory beams. Some may even be less than 2mm thick.

This is our bumper beam, maintaining 100% of the original factory thickness.

5. What is the circle on the Tesla bumper?

The circle on the Tesla bumper is a tow hook cover. It covers the access point for attaching a tow hook or towing eye to the vehicle, which can be used in emergencies to tow the car if it becomes disabled or stuck.

When sourcing these Tesla bumpers in China, you’ll notice a wide price range offered by different factories and traders. The cheapest might be under $15, while the highest could exceed $30. This is normal because the products vary. As mentioned earlier, some are thinner, even less than 2mm compared to the original 4mm. Additionally, the internal aluminum blocks are reduced from 4 to just 1, retaining only one at the towing hole. This significant reduction in production and material costs leads to very cheap prices.

Identifying them is quite simple: just ask your supplier for the product’s weight. Comparing it will reveal whether you’re getting original factory quality or a cut-down version.

Below are the weights of our original quality MD3 and MDY front and rear bumpers for your reference.

MD3 Front Bumper Beam 2016-20231104667-00-K , 1104667-99-J 4.3KGTesla Model Y Front Bumper Upper Beam Reinforcement Impact 1487601-00-C 148760100C
MD3 Rear Bumper Reinforcement1095314-00-C6.5KGTesla Model 3 Rear Bumper Reinforcement 109531400C 1095314-00-C
MDY Front Bumper Beam1487601-00-C4.8KG
MDY Rear Bumper Reinforcement 1487616-00-A8.0KG

There are many fascinating aspects of trading in Tesla parts. If you’re involved in Tesla-related business or are deeply interested in the trade of Tesla parts, or if you’re a trader or importer working with Chinese factories on purchasing Tesla parts… we’d be delighted to get in touch and help you solve any problems you might encounter during the procurement process of Tesla parts.

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