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What Tesla Parts Are Suitable For Resale? (2023)

Not long ago, I wrote an article introducing the five types of Tesla parts available in the market, all suitable for resale.

Among them, aftermarket parts are ideal for wholesale due to their stable supply.

China, known as the world’s factory, offers the most comprehensive selection of Tesla parts.

Now, the question is, if we are starting a Tesla parts business, where should we begin?

Or, more precisely, which replacement parts should we stock first to meet the demands of the local market?

First and foremost, we need to be aware of the sales situation of Tesla models in our local or target market.

Currently, Tesla has four main models: Model S, Model 3, Model X, and Model Y.

Among them, Model 3 and Model Y have achieved the best sales globally, primarily due to their affordable prices.

Their sales may vary from country to country.

Once we understand the target models, we should conduct research on the parts for these two models.

“Are there differences between selling parts for Tesla electric vehicles compared to traditional gasoline-powered vehicles?”

You may have such doubts.

It’s a good question.

Indeed, there are distinctions, but it depends on which aspect we are considering.

The most notable contrast lies in the propulsion systems.

Tesla vehicles are electric, powered by batteries, while traditional vehicles run on gasoline engines.

To enhance our market competitiveness, it is essential to familiarize ourselves with battery-related technologies, electric drivetrains, and the unique components used in electric vehicles.

Besides, the use of lightweight materials is another prominent feature of electric vehicles.

We also have an article that introduces the materials used by Tesla in their cars.

Particularly, aluminum alloy materials have distinct characteristics compared to iron alloys, and this leads to greater difficulty in die development and product processing.

However, we must not overlook the fact that electric vehicles are also automobiles meant for road driving.

So their wear-and-tear parts are similar to those of gasoline-powered cars.

Whether it’s a new car or an older vehicle that has been on the road for a long time, accidents are inevitable while driving.

Even with intelligent driving assistance systems like Tesla’s, which can reduce the accident rate, they cannot guarantee a 100% accident-free experience.

When a collision occurs, the most immediate impact is often on the exterior parts of a car.

A traffic accident resulted in severe damage to the front half of the Tesla.

We can categorize exterior parts into two main types: metal parts and plastic parts.

Plastic parts include bumpers, headlights, skid plates, and wheel hubcaps……

Metal parts refer to hoods, fenders, doors, trunk lids, etc.

The mold development and production of the 2 kinds vary significantly.

Our company specializes in metal aftermarket parts.

Currently, we primarily focus on producing products for Model 3 and Model Y.

Our hoods and front fenders for Tesla Model S and Model X will be available for sale soon.

Generally, the demand for plastic is higher than that for metal ones.

On the other hand, people’s driving habits and self-protection make the accessories on the passenger’s side easier to break.

Therefore, when stocking up, we could procure a larger quantity of plastic parts as well as the passenger’s side products.

In addition, the probability of front-end collisions is higher than that of rear-end collisions.

So there is a greater demand for front-end components such as front bumpers, fenders, hoods, and headlights.

The front section’s metal components, like reinforcement beams and bumper support, which do energy absorption to protect the cabin, are also widely sought after.

Our stock for Tesla metal aftermarket parts. (click to check what we have to support your business)

Moreover, do not forget those items that relating electric motors, braking systems, charging ports and cables, cooling system, windshield wipers…

At present, lots of Model 3 and Model Y are still under warranty.

And the need for their aftermarket parts has not fully emerged.

The unstable market demand also contributes to fluctuating prices of many aftermarket parts in China now.

To reduce financial pressure, we do not need to maintain a large inventory.

Instead, we can stock a small number of aftermarket parts based on the market situation.

The primary sales of Model S and Model X are concentrated in the North American market, especially in the United States.

Although their sales volumes are not high, due to their earlier release dates, there is still a certain demand for aftermarket parts in these countries.

The laser cutting frame we made for the Tesla Model X hood skin.

If you happen to be in these countries, you can stock certain goods for these two models accordingly.

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