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Our Story

A blacksmith aged 32, father of 2 children, left his hometown, a small village, to learn making car die with his old brother in a new place about 140 kilometers away, longing to get rid of poverty and his family live a better life.

For better progress, the father started his own die business after 3 years working for his brother. It would be a long but tough career, step by step with determination, from 0 to 1 and more.

The landlord, believing in the father who rented their house, let his young son, Hong, to be his first apprentice. After about 20 years later, now the son still works with the father to be engineering manager, and is expert in tackling technical difficulties. So did other team members joined later because of trust in the father.

It was really a hard time for the father, even no money to pay his workers, and with not good expertise. Not many people traded with him at first. But he did not give up, always making full efforts to enhance his die competence. He could spent several days or longer thinking about a better solution for a technical

Where there is a will, there is a way. In this new place named Jiepai, an automotive industrial town in Jiangsu Province, LiuLaoEr becomes well-known, a title with respect for his sincerity and generosity as well as proficient at designing and producing auto tools. He is also very willing to support his business partner grow bigger.  Besides, in 2006, LiuLaoEr rebuilt his old house in his hometown; in 2007, he bought his first car-LOVA, then second one 3 years later. LiuLaoEr’s dreams were coming true.

LiuLaoEr’s business grew better. Then come to his daughter, Lina. Under the influence of her father, Lina had foreign trade as her goal when graduating from English Major of Shandong University in 2014. After about 1 year’s working as sales assistant in a foreign company, she began to do foreign retail at Aliexpress with her husband, Levi, a man who also have similar ambitions. This will be a new entrepreneurial story of a new generation.

Yes, it may beyond your expectations. Although as a top 10 headlights accessories seller with 4 years hard-working, for finer growth like their father did before, the couple closed their Aliexpress store at the beginning of 2020 in order to focus on foreign wholesale trade. It was a difficult choice which mean restart and they hesitated for several months. Despite of subsequent COVID-19 and volatile global economic environment, Lina and Levi never quit and never stop learning marketing. They have so far worldwide clients from the United States, Brazil, Germany, Poland, Italy, Russia, India, Cambodia, Indonesia, etc.

After deep discussion with their father based on the understanding and knowledge of the electric vehicles market, in 2021, they, together decided to invest manufacturing EVs’ aftermarket exterior parts, Tesla is the first one to start. Combining with LiuLaoEr’s first-class molding ability plus integral industrial chain in Jiepai and Levi & Lina’s significant trading experience, they have enough confidence in providing outstanding products and service to their customers all over the world. 

Meet Our Team

Hi, I'm LiuLaoEr, the founder

Directs die & parts manufacture. Be honest and generous, be serious in work is the secret to winning the trust of our customers.

Hi, I'm Lina, sales director

Responsible for sales business and connection with production. We aim to make your purchase pain-free.

Hi, I'm Levi, sales manager

Manages sales matters. Not just for once but building long-term cooperation with you.

Hi, I'm Hong, engineering director

Enjoys solving technical difficulties. I believe that our products will bring you a cozy installation.

Hi, I'm Lee, product manager

In charge of molding and production. Producing five-star EVs' parts is our mission.

Hi, I'm Yoo, technical supervisor

Cooperated with Lee. Each step in production matters. Good die means easier assembly of end products.

Our Trained Team Is At Your Service

Love Our Planet, Love Nature

One world, one dream. Always be environmentally-friendly.

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