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Your Trustworthy China Partner For Tesla Metal Aftermarket Parts

Our Story

At 32, a blacksmith and father of two embarked on a courageous journey. Leaving his humble village behind, he traveled 140 kilometers to a new town. With a burning desire to break free from poverty, he apprenticed under his elder brother, learning the intricate craft of car die-making. This bold step was fueled by his unwavering love for his family and a dream for a better life.

In pursuit of greater advancement, the father ventured into his own die-making business after three years of apprenticeship under his brother. His path was marked by determination and resilience, evolving from ground zero to one and beyond, creating a remarkable journey of gradual but unyielding progress.

Placing trust in the father who rented their home, the landlord entrusted his young son, Hong, to become the father’s very first apprentice. Fast forward about two decades, and Hong remains an integral part of the team, now serving as the engineering manager. He is expert in overcoming technical challenges. Likewise, other team members who joined later were drawn by this foundation of trust in the father, contributing to a united and skilled workforce.

Those were challenging days for the father – he faced financial struggles, lacked extensive expertise, and had difficulty attracting business. Yet, he remained resolute, tirelessly dedicating himself to improving his die-making skills. Even if it took days or more, he relentlessly brainstormed innovative solutions to technical difficulties, refusing to surrender to adversity.

Where there is a will, there is a way. In the automotive hub of Jiangsu Province, a place known as Jiepai, LiuLaoEr’s reputation blossomed. Earned through his sincerity, generosity, and adeptness in designing and crafting auto tools, he became a respected figure. His willingness to foster his business partners’ growth further solidified his standing. In 2006, LiuLaoEr rebuilt his old house, and the following year, in 2007, he proudly acquired his first car, a LOVA. Just three years later, his second car followed suit. LiuLaoEr’s dreams were unfolding into reality.

“As LiuLaoEr’s business flourished, his daughter, Lina, stepped onto the scene. Inspired by her father’s journey, Lina pursued a path in foreign trade after graduating with an English Major from Shandong University in 2014. Following a year as a sales assistant in a foreign company, she embarked on a foreign retail venture on Aliexpress alongside her ambitious husband, Levi. This marks the beginning of a fresh entrepreneurial saga, carried forward by a new generation.

It might surpass your expectations. Even though they established themselves as a top 10 seller of headlights accessories after four years of dedicated effort, the couple aspired for even greater growth. In the beginning of 2020, they made a tough decision to close their Aliexpress store. It signifies a fresh start, in order to concentrate on foreign wholesale trade. This choice involved a restart and was accompanied by months of deliberation. In the face of subsequent challenges brought by COVID-19 and a fluctuating global economy, Lina and Levi remained steadfast, continuously refining their marketing skills. They have so far worldwide clients from the United States, Brazil, Germany, Poland, Italy, Russia, India, Cambodia, Indonesia, and more.

After deep discussion with their father based on the understanding and knowledge of the electric vehicles market, they made a joint decision in 2021. They resolved to invest in manufacturing metal aftermarket parts for Tesla models. Leveraging LiuLaoEr’s exceptional die capabilities and the complete industrial chain in Jiepai, combined with Levi & Lina’s substantial trading experience, they are fully confident in delivering excellent products and service to customers worldwide.

Meet Our Team

Hi, I'm LiuLaoEr, the founder

Directs die & parts manufacture. Be honest and generous, be serious in work is the secret to winning the trust of our customers.

Hi, I'm Lina, sales director

Responsible for sales business and connection with production. We aim to make your purchase pain-free.

Hi, I'm Levi, sales manager

Manages sales matters. Not just for once but building long-term cooperation with you.

Hi, I'm Hong, engineering director

Enjoys solving technical difficulties. I believe that our products will bring you a cozy installation.

Hi, I'm Lee, product manager

In charge of molding and production. Producing five-star EVs' parts is our mission.

Hi, I'm Yoo, technical supervisor

Cooperated with Lee. Each step in production matters. Good die means easier assembly of end products.

Our Trained Team Is At Your Service

Love Our Planet, Love Nature

One world, one dream. Always be environmentally-friendly.

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