Tesla’s Active Hood Feature Explained in the Updated Model 3

Tesla has introduced some new safety features in the updated Model 3, including an “Active Hood” feature aimed at providing additional protection for pedestrians in the event of a collision.

1. What is Tesla active hood?

The details of this feature are outlined in the new Model 3 owner’s manual. Tesla states that in the event of a collision with a pedestrian or cyclist, the vehicle’s hood will pop up, reducing the likelihood of serious injury. Once activated, the Active Hood feature triggers touchscreen alerts and collision warning chimes immediately. Tesla advises drivers to take their Model 3 to a repair center promptly after this feature is activated.

Tesla's Active Hood Feature Explained in the Updated Model 3
Tesla’s Active Hood Feature Explained in the Updated Model 3

So, the Active Hood is designed to enhance pedestrian safety in the event of a collision. When the vehicle detects a collision with a pedestrian or cyclist, the hood automatically pops up to create additional space between the hood and the underlying components, reducing the risk of severe injuries.

2. How does an active hood work?

The active hood system employs a pyrotechnic device to swiftly raise the back end of the hood when a pedestrian collision occurs. Elevating the edge of the hood provides extra space from the rigid components in the engine bay and also helps to dissipate some of the impact energy.

According to the Tesla owner’s manual, “When Model 3 is moving at speeds of approximately 30 to 52 kilometers per hour, multiple sensors installed at the front of the vehicle will detect collisions with pedestrians and automatically raise the rear of the hood by about 80 millimeters, increasing the space between the hood and the underlying components to reduce the risk of pedestrian injury.”

Tesla further notes that the system relies on sensors and algorithms to determine whether the Active Hood feature should be enabled, meaning it can also be activated in collisions with animals, other vehicles, or objects, or remain inactive in pedestrian collision accidents.

While this feature was previously available in Tesla Model S and Model X vehicles and was only discussed in the European owner’s manual, it is included in the updated Model 3 models. The feature is not described in the US Model 3 owner’s manual. Apart from the Tesla brand, other vehicle brands also deploy this feature.

Adri, a Model X owner, pointed out that in addition to the Active Hood feature, the new Model 3 also includes several active and passive safety features, including installing dual dampers in the trunk and metal hooks that keep the doors consistent in the event of a collision.

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