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Tesla Model 3 Biw Fender Bracket Lower Right 1103451-S0-D 1103451S0D For Body Repair

China Manufacturer Alsette Tesla Model 3 Biw Fender Bracket Lower Right 1103451-S0-D 1103451S0D For Body Repair


Additional information

Weight 0.04 kg
Dimensions 1 × 1 × 1 cm





For Tesla Model 3

OE No.


Product Details:

It is an aftermarket repair part Tesla Model 3 Biw Fender Bracket Lower Right. Part number 1103451-S0-D 1103451S0D.

Tesla Model 3 Biw Fender Bracket Lower Right 1103451-S0-D 1103451S0D For Body Repair
Tesla Model 3 Biw Fender Bracket Lower Right 1103451-S0-D 1103451S0D For Body Repair


Designed with the latest 3D software and manufactured with modern die mold.
OEM – Fitment | Quality – Durability.
Direct Fit, Bolt-on Replacement.
Ships Unpainted.
Utilizes OEM Latch and Hinges.

OEM Quality, Durability, & Fitment:

To ensure a precise fit, our aerodynamic parts are designed using the car’s 3D Scan Geometry CAD data.

When it comes to durability, our new proprietary manufacturing method allows us to provide you with a durable quality product with a precise fitment.

Top Quality Durable Construction:

Alsette OEM Style Trunk Lid is constructed using extremely strong, aircraft-grade material which is the same as the Tesla OEM trunk lid.

Technical Note:

We recommend professional installation of all body parts. We also recommend test-fitting these products before they are painted or any modifications.


Bulk Buy METAL Aftermarket Exterior Parts for Tesla with Confidence.

1, OEM ODM OBM Available.

If our existing product line can not fit you, from concept to mass production, our experienced team will help make your idea to reality based on a complete industrial chain.

2, Charming After-sales Service.

More than 98% of customers become our familiar face during our 5+ years of foreign trade. Always putting ourselves in the partner’s shoes is the key to problem-solving and long-term cooperation.

3, Information Confidentiality.

We must keep secret of all your information to protect your commercial interests. So feel free to tell us your requirements to make better collaboration.


1. Laser Cutting Equipment Calibration in Progress.

2. 1000-Ton Hydraulic Press in Action. Annual Participation at Frankfurt Exhibition Showcasing Our Latest Innovations.

3. Custom-designed die for Clients.

4. Precise Vehicle Matching through Rigorous Loading Tests.


1. Versatile 3+2 Corrugated Packaging.

2. Your Logo or Logo-Free Options.

3. Enhanced Packaging Solutions: Explore Custom Crating with Us.



Full Container Load (FCL):

Ideal for bulk shipments, FCL offers an exclusive, cost-effective way to transport your goods. You can have the container loaded directly at our factory, ensuring a seamless, secure process from production to shipping.

Less than Container Load (LCL):

Perfect for smaller orders, LCL allows you to share container space with others, optimizing costs while still ensuring a reliable delivery. It’s an efficient way to manage smaller shipments without the expense of a full container.

Flexible Loading Points:

We offer the flexibility of loading your goods either directly at our factory or at any other location in China that suits your needs. This ensures convenience and adaptability in meeting your specific logistic requirements.

Logistics Support:

Don’t have a shipping partner? No problem! We can connect you with suitable logistics companies. Our network of trusted partners ensures your goods are in safe hands, providing you with peace of mind and a hassle-free shipping experience.



Multiple Currency Acceptance:

We accommodate a variety of payment preferences, accepting major currencies like RMB (Chinese Yuan), USD (United States Dollar), and EUR (Euro). This flexibility ensures convenience for our international clients.

Advance Payment Structure:

Our payment terms include a 30% advance payment, providing a balanced approach to transaction security and financial flow for both parties. This initial payment helps to kick-start your order while ensuring mutual commitment.

Open to Special Requests:

Should you have specific payment requirements or preferences, feel free to reach out to us. We are committed to working closely with our clients to meet their unique payment needs and ensure a smooth, satisfactory transaction process.

As a professional manufacturer with 20+ years experiences, we strictly control the quality from die making to the end production

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