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Do China-Made Tesla Aftermarket Parts Fit US Market or European Countries? (2023)

As the electric car top brand, Tesla has been more and more popular and achieved the number-one sales record in lots of countries.

With this trend, more and more people are engaged in selling aftermarket parts for Tesla Model 3, Model Y, Model S, and Model X.

It’s a new field for many, not just for a green hand that has never been in the auto parts business, but also for the one that only sells fuel car components before.

Here we are to help as possible as we can. It will be our great honor if our articles really solve your doubts.

ALSETTE factory is producing hoods for Tesla models

One of the questions our clients often ask is like “Do your parts fit Tesla European models?”, “Can I resale in America?”.

The replacement parts we produced are also suitable for the Chinese market, so our customers are unsure of the availability in their local area.

Our answer is “Yes”. The metal aftermarket exterior parts for Tesla cars are globally used; So do most plastic-made exterior parts.

But some headlamp assemblies and fog lights are not universal, take care before buying.

Now our ALSETTE team focuses on developing and manufacturing metal replacement accessories for Tesla Model 3, Y, S, X. So all our products both fit American and European countries.

Why? Because Tesla vehicles are the global models. It’s different from traditional fuel vehicles that would have various versions around the world.

If you have paid attention to Tesla, you must know how much effort Elon Musk has made to save costs.

Yes, you guessed it! To be global is one of his methods to be money-saving.

Thanks to Elon Musk, this is also good news for us to be cost-effective and time-saving.

There’s no need to prepare several distinct components for one car model to suit different markets.

However, the facelift of a car cannot be ignored. Some of its parts will be changed accordingly.

“Small reforms in three years, major reforms in five years”, is the law of the auto industry.

Based on the products we offer, here we only talk about the 2 main EVs of Tesla: Model 3 & Model Y.

Model 3

Until now (2023), Tesla Model 3 has been updated for one time, which means there’re two versions in the market.

Don’t worry! Among all the metal exterior parts we produced, there’s only one that has two types: the trunk lid.

Other items like hoods, fenders, and doors… are not been changed yet and both fit non-facelift and facelift models.

The new Model 3 came in 2021 with power trunk lids, while the older ones were equipped with trunk lids that are manually open.

The 2 kinds’ size and outward appearance are the same.

And their inner panels differ in mounting holes and the lock position.

Compare the photo below to know more.

Comparison between power open trunk lid and manually open trunk lid for Tesla Model 3

Model Y

Available in 2020, Tesla Model Y only has one edition now (2023).

So our related metal aftermarket parts only have one kind.

Besides, under the cost-saving policy, some of the replacement accessories are suitable for both Model 3 and Model Y.

For example, the front bumper foam support below (click to see details)

In the future, we will arrange a list of items that both fit Model 3 and Model Y to help you save cost and time.

Here is the end of this article.

If you have any thoughts or questions, feel free to message me below.

I’ll reply to you one by one with heart.

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And will help more netizens with similar doubts able to see my blog.

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Thank you for your precious time here.

Have a good day 🙂

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