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Danyang City: China Automobile Parts Manufacturing Base

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When it comes to China’s auto parts production bases, Danyang City in Jiangsu Province must be at the top 20 of the list.

Simple Introduction To Auto Parts Industry In Danyang

Auto parts are one of the characteristic industries and pillar industries in Danyang City.

There are more than 800 manufacturers of complete vehicles and parts, mainly located in Jiepai, Houxiang, Xinqiao, Picheng and other towns, employing more than 35,000 people.

Jiepai Town in Danyang City

In 2021, Danyang has achieved taxable sales of 30.32 billion yuan, an increase of 18.7%.

Auto parts coverage

Its auto parts coverage is very wide, with more than 400 existing products, mainly involving lamps, exterior parts, decorative parts, mechanical and electrical components, and mold development.

Among them, the output of motorcycle mufflers, lamps and automobile instrument panels, bumpers, interior parts, micro motors, and airbag gas generators ranks first in China.

Cooperated with famous companies domestic & overseas

At the same time, there are 3 complete vehicle and modified vehicle manufacturers in Danyang, mainly produces pickup trucks, SUVs, third-generation fire trucks and other special vehicles and bus, such as dump trucks and ambulances.

They have established stable supporting cooperative relations with Shanghai GM, FAW, Second Automobile, Volkswagen, Guangzhou Honda, Hainan Mazda and other automobile manufacturers.

Moreover, the world’s top 500 companies such as Henkel and Heraeus from Germany, Daicel from Japan, GKN from the United Kingdom, and Bixie from Finland have all established wholly-owned or joint ventures in Danyang.

Its honorary titles

It has been awarded the titles of “China Automobile (Motorcycle) Parts Manufacturing Base“, “National High-quality Automobile and Motorcycle Parts Manufacturing Base“, “Jiangsu Auto Parts Base” and so on.

Advantages And Foreign Trade Development

Industrial system

The auto parts industry in Danyang has now formed an industrial system integrating R&D, production, marketing, testing, logistics, training and professional industrial concentration areas.

In addition, it has established a provincial-level automotive lighting testing center, a national-level lighting laboratory, and a provincial-level motor vehicle lighting testing laboratory, and is actively establishing a public technology innovation service platform for the city’s auto parts industry.

In recent years, Danyang auto parts enterprises have attached great importance to scientific and technological progress and technological innovation, and have continuously increased cooperation and capital investment with scientific research institutes, accelerating the pace of technological transformation of enterprise products.


The Beijing-Shanghai Railway, the Beijing-Shanghai High-speed Railway, and the Shanghai-Nanjing Intercity Railway pass through the city.

Changzhou Airport is located in the territory, and Zhenjiang Dagang port is only 18 kilo meters away from the urban area, forming a comprehensive three-dimensional transportation pattern of railway, highway, waterway and aviation.

The reputation of Danyang auto parts spreads across the country.

Foreign trade

Auto parts produced in Danyang are favored by foreign trade companies in domestic coastal cities, providing them with products to trade with worldwide customers.

At the same time, Danyang’s foreign trade companies also directly establish solid cooperative relations with countries around the world and the annual growth rate of auto parts export has remained stable.

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